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All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping provides artificial grass installation in Las Vegas, NV. Our professional team will install top quality synthetic grass everywhere that you want it, and your newly installed synthetic turf will look like the real thing. Modern artificial grass is nothing like the older style of fake grass landscape that you might have seen 20 years ago. Many technological advances have taken place, and newer artificial grasses look absolutely real these days.

We want you to get your turf as soon as possible, because there are many advantages to artificial grass. Lots of property owners are converting to synthetic grass these days, because the advantages over organic grass are truly easy to see. The following is a short list of advantages that synthetic grass has over real grass:

• It Requires No Water—Artificial grass pays for itself in water savings over time, and these water savings are also environmentally friendly.

• It Is Durable—Regular grass is easily destroyed under foot, but artificial grass is extremely tough and durable.

• Better Drainage—Normal lawns tend to puddle up and get muddy, but artificial grass can be designed along with a perfect water drainage system.

• Always Ready for Use—Regular grass can be muddy, partially dead, covered with fertilizer, or broken up, but artificial grass is always ready to be used.

• It Always Looks Good—Artificial grass rarely will have any flaws that are noticeable, and newer varieties of synthetic grass look real.

All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping does more than just artificial grass. We offer extensive landscaping construction and design services, and our team also provides a full line of lawn maintenance services. If you need work done on the outdoor areas of your property, we can help.

Locate the nearest phone, and dial the number to our office as soon as possible to discuss artificial grass, or go ahead and ask us about our other lawn care and landscaping services.

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